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Genomics takes the science of gene testing to a new level, combining information contained in your genes with the effects of your environment to predict your future health. Board-certified internist Lee Light, MD, and his team at Naples Longevity Clinic in Bonita Springs, Florida, use genomics to help prevent health problems, treat you more effectively when you're sick, and prolong your life. Call Naples Longevity Clinic today to arrange a consultation appointment.

Genomics Q&A

What is genomics?

Genomics is an aspect of medicine that uses information about your genetic makeup and the environment in which you live. 

Combining this information means it's possible to make predictions about the kinds of health problems you're likely to experience and find the most effective treatments.

Inside your genes is a substance called DNA that comes in equal parts from your parents. Your genes contain instructions that tell your body how to make proteins and enzymes that control how your cells work. 

Genes are responsible for variations in skin, hair, and eye color, and other aspects of your physical and psychological makeup.

Some genes carry information that can lead to the development of genetic diseases like cystic fibrosis - genetic testing can identify these. Other genes contain single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) that, when combined with specific environmental influences, make you more susceptible to certain diseases.

Genomics is about predicting the health problems you could develop rather than diseases identifiable by genetic testing.

What environmental influences does genomics include?

Environmental influences in genomics include:

Infectious factors

Infectious factors include diseases and underlying health conditions you have now and those you've had in the past.

Chemical factors

Chemical factors include all the products you use in your daily life and work, as well as pollutants in the air and water.

Nutritional factors

Everything you eat and drink influences your health. You might have micronutrient deficiencies or a diet that's too low in protein or too high in carbohydrates, for example.

Behavioral factors

Your behavior can be a significant influence on your health, for example, not exercising enough, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, substance abuse, and other unhealthy activities.

What conditions can genomics help predict?

Using genomics, Naples Longevity Clinic can identify whether you're more susceptible to diseases like:

  • Heart disease
  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • High blood pressure

Conditions like these typically affect people who have a genetic predisposition added to the effects of an unhealthy environment.

For instance, your genetic profile might indicate you have a higher risk of developing diabetes. If you're also overweight and eat a lot of fat and carbohydrates, your risk is much higher than someone without your genetic predisposition.

How does genomics improve my health?

Using genomics, your provider at Naples Longevity Clinic can help you make changes to your life that could significantly reduce your chances of developing problems like heart disease and high blood pressure. If you know you're more at risk, it enables you to take sensible precautions that minimize environmental impacts on your health.

With the knowledge that genomics provides, your Naples Longevity Clinic provider can diagnose health problems earlier. They can also personalize your treatment program, as genomics provides information about which treatments are likely to be the most effective for someone with your genomic profile.

To find out more about genomics and how it can improve your health, call Naples Longevity Clinic today.

A healthy lifestyle starts with you. We see patients in Bonita Springs and Naples, Florida. Call us to book your appointment today.

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