Concierge Primary Care

Naples Longevity Clinic

Tareq Khader, M.D.

Board Certified Internal Medicine located in Bonita Springs, FL

Concierge primary care medicine at Naples longevity clinic provides yearly physicals, round-the-clock direct access to the doctor, and same or next day appointments. Call us today to schedule a free consultation with Dr Khader. 

Concierge Primary Care Q&A


Concierge primary care medicine, as offered by the Naples Longevity Clinic, provides a high level of personalized and convenient healthcare services. Here's a breakdown of the key features and benefits typically associated with this type of medical practice:

  • Yearly Physicals: Patients receive comprehensive annual physical examinations to assess their overall health and well-being. These exams may include various screenings, diagnostic tests, and discussions about any health concerns.

  • Direct Access to the Doctor: One of the hallmarks of concierge medicine is the availability of the primary care physician via various means, such as cell phone, text, or email, 24/7. Patients can reach out to their doctor directly, which can lead to more immediate responses to medical questions or concerns.

  • Handling Referrals: The primary care physician manages and coordinates referrals to specialists when necessary. They can guide patients to appropriate healthcare providers and oversee the entire referral process.

  • Same Day and Next Day Appointments: One of the advantages of concierge medicine is the availability of same-day or next-day appointments for non-emergency medical issues. This means reduced waiting times and faster access to care.

Concierge primary care often comes with an annual fee . This fee covers the personalized and extended services provided by the concierge clinic. Patients who choose this model of healthcare often value the extra time and attention they receive from their primary care physician, as well as the convenience and responsiveness of being able to reach their doctor directly.

Keep in mind that the specific services and features offered by a concierge primary care clinic may vary from one practice to another. It's a healthcare model that aims to provide a more patient-centered and holistic approach to healthcare, emphasizing prevention, wellness, and timely access to care.