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Please review some helpful tips and ways to battle common ailments


Balance with Bioidentical Hormones
Dietary Changes

  • Decrease Sugar and Saturated Fats
  • Increase Cruciferous Vegetables
  • Consider Modified Elimination Diet
  • Consider Juicing
  • Avoid Reactive Foods (Dairy & Gluten)
  • Increase Water Intake (6 - 8 Glasses Bottled or Filtered)
Nutritional Supplements
  • EPA/DHA and GLA
  • Megavitamins, Minerals & Anti-Oxidants (Simplicity)
  • Lactobacillus & Bifida
  • Coenzyme Q10
  • Consider B12 Injections
Other Options
  • Nutritional Mitochondrial Support
  • Increase Aerobic Activity
  • Assess Hormone Status (Adrenal, Thyroid, Pituitary)
  • Stress Reduction Techniques (Tai Chi or Meditation)

ARMD (Adult Related Memory Decline Syndrome)

Balance with Bioidentical Hormones
Dietary Changes
  • Low Saturated Fat to Reduce Inflammation
  • Increase Cruciferous Vegetables and Soy Products
  • Decrease Allergenic Food Intake (Modified Elimination Diet)
Nutritional Supplements
  • Simplicity
  • EPA / GLA
  • Coenzyme Q1O
  • Intellect
  • Consider B12 Injections
Other Options
  • Evaluate APOE Status
  • Deprenyl
  • Improve Detoxification
  • Reduce Toxic Chemical Exposure and Toxic Minerals


Balance with Bioidentical Hormones
Dietary Changes
  • Implement a Low Allergy Diet. (Possibly Vegetarian)
  • Limit Dairy Products and Wheat
  • Increase Consumption of Soy Products
  • Consume More Legumes, Rice, Flax and Rye
Nutritional Support Basics
  • Megavitamins & Minerals (Simplicity)
Anti Inflammatory Supports
  • Niacinamide, 1000mg. 2 times daily.
  • Glucosamine Sulfate, 750mg. 2 times daily
  • Chondroitin Sulfate, 500mg. 2 times daily
  • Boswella Extract, 100mg. 2 times daily
Other Nutrients
  • Lactobacillus & Bifida
  • L-Glutamine
  • Quercetin 1500mg. Curcumin, Bromelain
  • MSM


Balance with Bioidentical Hormones
Dietary Changes
  • Increase Omega 3 Oils
  • Increase Fiber
  • Decrease Saturated and Trans Fatty Acids
  • Decrease Glycemic Load (Moderate Protein, Low Carbohydrates and No Simple Sugars)
  • Decrease Calories, Weight Reduction
Nutritional Supplements
  • EPA / DHA
  • Mega Vitamins and Minerals (Simplicity)
  • Increase Anti-Oxidants (After Evaluation of Oxidation)
  • Consider Arginine

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