What are bioidentical hormones?
The great appeal of bioidentical hormones is that although they are produced in a lab, they have the same molecular structure and are indistinguishable from the hormones made by our own bodies. Therefore our bodies can metabolize them without side effects. In contrast, synthetic hormones are intentionally different from what the body produces. (Drug companies cannot patent a bioidentical structure, so they invent hormones that are patentable.) These synthetic hormones are quite strong and often produce side effects.

What is bioidentical hormone management, in a nutshell? How does is work?
Bioidentical hormone management is replacing the bioidentical hormones that are no longer being adequately produced by the body. We are genetically programmed to reproduce and then begin to shut down. The goal of bioidentical hormone management is to return our bioidentical hormone levels to that of approximately 30 years of age. This is the age when our immune systems are generally the strongest, our metabolism is efficient, and we build muscle rather than fat. Furthermore, at the age of 30, we respond to exercise more effectively than when we are older. Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is thought to be the body's master hormone. Sometime after the age of 30, the pituitary begins to lower the amount of HGH. As the master hormone decreases, the other hormones do not get the message to function and the symptoms of aging begin to surface. Like an electric light switch, if it is off there is no light in the house. If Human Growth Hormone, as the keystone is returned to its optimal level, and all the other bioidentical hormones are brought back to their balanced state, the body is able to regain its vitality. Because bioidentical hormone replacement therapy returns the body to its younger efficiency, with the addition of optimal nutrition and exercise, we are then able to live healthier lives longer.

At what age should a person start an Anti Aging program?
A person does not need to begin bioidentical hormone replacement therapy until such time as the body begins to lower its hormone production. Naples Longevity Clinic effectively ascertains the patient's current biological age and the current hormone levels. Once that has been established, we can then adequately assess if the patient is eligible to begin the program. If the patient does not currently need bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, he or she is so advised and a determination is made as to how Naples Longevity Clinic can help enhance that person's life through changes in nutrition and exercise. Follow-up blood tests alert the patient as to when it is appropriate to begin the full program.

How long before you can actually see results?
While this varies with each individual, some people feel results within days. You can expect to begin to feel results within three to six months after beginning bioidentical hormone management.

How long do I have to be on these therapies?
Once your hormone levels have been returned to what is considered optimal for you, it is advisable to continue the therapies in order to maintain your renewed vitality.

What will happen if I stop the program?
From whatever biological age you have attained on the program, should you stop the program; the body will begin to age at a normal rate.

Will treatment interfere with my currently prescribed medications?
Generally not. In some instances medications may actually be reduced in level or no longer needed altogether. Dr. Light will be able to advise you.

Will Naples Longevity Clinic be taking over as my doctor?
As a specialist in the field of wellness, Dr. Light will communicate with your primary physician, and/or any specialists you may be seeing. We encourage you to continue your usual visits with your doctors. Should you choose our office is available to provide your primary care needs.

How many pills does one have to take on a daily basis?
The number of pills you take daily depends upon your medical, hormonal, and nutritional needs. Naples Longevity Clinic tailors its supplement program to the individual needs of each patient. Supplements and bioidentical hormones are conveniently supplied and mailed directly to you. Human Growth Hormone will be sent to you on a predetermined schedule. HGH needs to be injected; you will receive complete instructions on how to use the small and painless needle.

Why does HGH have to be injected?
Human Growth Hormone and insulin are very similar molecules made up of polypeptides. Like insulin, HGH breaks down if taken orally, so the only effective way, at this time, is by injection.

Is this type of program FDA approved?
Human Growth Hormone has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of hormone deficient adults since the summer of 1996.

Isn't it unnatural to inject or ingest bioidentical hormones?
HGH is synthetically produced through the recombinant DNA process. Because of this production method, it is identical to the human growth hormone naturally produced by the body. When injected, HGH is spread to its target organs just as it would be if secreted by the pituitary gland.

Do I increase my risk of cancer by taking growth hormone?
There is no reason to believe that growth hormone poses any risks if given in natural doses. Naples Longevity Clinic is in constant communication with the medical directors of all the pharmaceutical houses currently producing HGH, and throughout all the research there has been no correlation between HGH and cancer. On the contrary, HGH has proven to be extremely helpful in strengthening the immune system, increasing mental acuity and focus, and preventing the onset of diabetes usually associated with the aging process.

What are the side effects of the bioidentical hormones?
When given in proper natural doses, there are no side effects. In early studies, done prior to research determining proper dosage, there were three rare side effects: swollen ankles, joint pains, and, rarest of all, carpal tunnel syndrome. When dosage was reduced, all symptoms disappeared. HGH is now administered in natural dosage.

Does insurance pay for that type of service?
At this time, most insurance programs do not reimburse for wellness programs; however, much of the program is usually tax deductible.

How often do I come to the Clinic?
Since Naples Longevity Clinic has ongoing communications with its patients, and since scheduled blood draws can be done near the patients homes, it is only necessary to come to the Clinic twice a year, these visits allow us to track your progress.

We strongly believe in the research supporting the replacement of bioidentical hormones to more youthful levels in maintaining energy, health and vitality and look forward to continued success in this area.

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